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Volume 45, No.26, June 27, 2003


It was a demotion party to match all demotion parties as Bob Moir assisted by several past presidents roasted Butch in true Rotary fashion. Those who missed the party missed a lot of good-natured joshing and bantering. Suzanne Hollrah had crafted a fitting demotion ditty.
Richard Brown, named the best-trained President Elect in history, was properly inducted into office and will preside on Wed. July 2.
The full slate of officers for 2003-2004 will be listed in the next issue of the Cogwheel.


Arnold Dowdy of Santa Paula is the incoming District 5240 Governor. He will visit our club on August 13.


John Patterson is the new editor of the Cogwheel and will assume his duties when he returns from fishing at Lake Crawley. In the meantime our present editor Tohnia Fields continues to serve even though she has been transferred to on of the Pismo Beach offices of Mid-State Bank & Trust.
Tohnia is a fine example of Rotarians ready and willing to go the second mile.


Retiring membership chairman Leon Roeser, says "Invite a friend or neighbor to Rotary. Most new Rotarians become interested in Rotary because a friend extended an invitation.
We thank Leon for his big smile and hard work as Membership Chairman for the past two years. Angelo Perciballi succeeds him.


Jonathan B. Majiygbe, of Kano, Nigeria, Africa has selected the theme of "Lend A Hand" for his year as President of Rotary International. He is the first R. I. President from Africa.
Sadness came to his family last month as his wife Ade died suddenly while on a Rotary assignment in London, England. Read his thank you letter for the condolences he received. It's on the R. I. Web page.
A Rotarian since 1967, Mr. Majiyagbe has been club President, District Governor, International Assembly instructor, Committee Member and Rotary Foundation Trustee. He is the recipient of the Rotary Foundation Meritorious Service and the Distinguished Service Awards.


My year is finished and I survived the demotion party. As I reflect over the past year I am reasonably critical of my personal performance as the SYV Rotary President. Hopefully, I am my own worst critic.
When asked to consider being President I went into it with full gusto, attending all the president elects seminars and PETS. In month two of my term my company decided to go public issuing an Initial Public Offering and my world changed. The time I had expected to be available for extra curricular activities immediately disappeared. This coupled with the significant corporate governance issues resulting from Enron, etc. was a significant work overload and effected my plans to be a great innovative Rotary President. Next, my Father passed away and finally I was diagnosed a type II diabetic. What can I say, S--- Happens.
Enough with what went wrong. We have many things that did go well. I gave Dick Brown ample opportunity to hone his skills in leading meetings. He will be a great President. I will always appreciate the great assistance of Dick, Deepa and David. They are and were an excellent executive group.
We raised significant funds through the July 4th Fireworks Show and contributions to Polio Plus raised another $7,000. The Rotary Golf tournament raised another $5,000 and our happiness fines also contributed to our disposable funds. We distributed approximately $40,000 to Community Service, Vocational, International and other scholarship awards. All of us should be proud of these accomplishments.
We gave away numerous Paul Harris fellowships to very deserving individuals. We had some great programs and some interesting e-mail. I don't think Dick will be continuing the weekly e-mails, something about being politically correct and I do apologize for those that crossed the line. Apparently, not everyone has the same sense of humor.
In closing it was an honor to serve as the SYV Rotary President and I would love to do it again, after I retire. I have a great debt to pay to the club's board of directors and leaders of the four avenues of service. You are an awesome group!
In honor of our District Governor and Rotary International President, "It Can Be Done" and please continue to "Sow the Seeds of Love".

Just a Thought

"We take for granted the things we should be giving thanks for."

Coming Programs

Wednesday, July 02, 2003 @ 12:10
Introduction of the Board of Directors for 20003-2004

Wednesday, July 06, 2003 @ 12:10
President Richard Brown will present his trip
to Rotary International Convention in Brisbane, Australia

Wednesday July 16, 2003 @ 12:10
"Why are there Gophers" The role of underground rodents in natural systems.
Presented by Jim Reichman, a Valley resident. This program was recently a big hit at the Solvang Library.

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