Watch Rotarians describe their careers and answer questions like, “What is a typical work day for you?” or “What skills do you need for this type of work?” in this set of video interviews. The videos are intended to help students learn more about a potential career field they’re interested in.

Physical Therapy - Joseph Dugan

Joseph Dugan is a physical therapist with more than 39 years of experience, who owns his own business.

Insurance Planning - Randy Jones

Randy Jones is an Insurance Planner at his business, Hometown Insurance. He provides home, auto, life, and health insurance.

Real Estate Developer & Urban Planner - Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez is a Real Estate Devoloper and Urban Planner who has worked in areas such as San Fransisco and New York.

Philosophy Professor - Fahmee El Amin

Fahmee El Amin was an adjunct Philosophy Professor at Pierce College.

Highway Patrol - Paul Matthies

Paul Matthies was in Law Enforcement and more specifically the Highway PatrolĀ for 31 years.

Education / Health Care / Humanitarian - Deepa Willingham

Deepa Willingham was a professor, hospital administrator, and is now working to stop human trafficking through her foundation PACE Univeresal.

Petroleum Marketing - Greg Pensa

Greg Pensa worked in Petroleum Marketing for 38 years with Shell.

Financial Planning - Jeff Little

Jeff Little has been a registered Investment Advisor and a registered Financial Planner for 36 years.

Aquatics Coaching - Monica Little

Monica Little is an Aquatics Coach and owns her business, Little Swimmers LLC.

Sales Engineering / Investment Counselling - Richard Barca

Richard Barca was in the Marketing & Sales department for the Southern California Gas Company for 37 years. For the past 34 years Richard has owned his own Investment Planning business.

JPL / Financial Reporting - Betty Johnston

Betty Johnston worked for the importer of Jaguar Cars out of college, she then worked as a Financial Reporter at Jet Propulsion Laboratories for the rest of her career.

Aerospace Engineering - Bob Hinnrichs

Bob Hinnrichs was a Design Engineer who worked at Bendix, Litton Data Systems, and Rockwell International. A highlight of his career was working on the main engine for the Space Shuttle.

Social Services & Law Enforcement - David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal worked in the field of Public Social Services for 33 years, he then worked in Law Enforcement for 12 years.

Accounting / Controller - Micheline Hughes

Micheline Hughes got her CPA certification in 1984. She has worked with Accounting all of her life and is now a Controller.

Dentistry - Ken Nash

Ken Nash had a masters degree in Physical Education, he was then recommended to check out Dentistry, he enjoyed it and went to Dentist School. Ken has now been a dentist for over 30 years.

Accounting / Bookeeping - Julia Schoen

Julia Schoen is an Accounting Bookkeeper who passed the CPA exam. She owns her business, Even Numbers and Odd Jobs.